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10 Best BJJ Instructional On YouTube

10 Best BJJ Instructional On YouTube

There is an ongoing lockdown in many countries since the beginning of the pandemic & up until today, there is no sign of when we will recover from it. Not only is it affecting our training but it is also affecting our competition cycle especially for those who compete regularly. Solo drills are definitely a good alternative for many that stay at home & miss training. It is a way for us to stay consistent and improve our BJJ movement & mobility while staying at home. 

What about improving our techniques? BJJ instructional is equally important as part of our revision to have a better understanding of each technique. Some of my techniques are highly credited to the instructionals that I have watched from YouTube in addition to having a really good coach. 

Which Are The Best BJJ Instructional That You Can Find On YouTube? 

1. Stephan Kasting

2. Chewjitsu

3. Bernando Faria BJJ Fanatics

4. Keenan Cornelius 

5. Zombie Proof BJJ

6. Absolute MMA St Kilda - Melbourne

7. Jason Scully

8. Roy Dean

9. Brandon Quick

10. Atos Jiu-Jitsu

Recently I have also started my own YouTube Channel where I share BJJ techniques. You can check out my channel as per the below link:  

BBM Vlog

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