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Top 16 BJJ Tips For Beginners

Top 16 BJJ Tips For Beginners

Are you a BJJ white belt that has just started training and looking for ways to improve? Here are some useful tips that will help you in your BJJ journey!

In today’s video, I will be sharing with you my top 16 BJJ tips for beginners!

BJJ is a sport that isn’t about the destination but rather the journey itself. Whether you decide to do it as a hobby, professionally or to do it as a form of workout, seeing an improvement will motivate you to keep going. So, what are some ways that can help you to improve your BJJ?

1. Drills
Drilling is the most important thing that you have to do whether you are a white or a black belt. When you see a higher belt being able to perform moves smoothly, do you think it is something that they learn overnight or is it something that they have been drilling for the longest time? Drilling can be boring sometimes but trust me, the more you drill, the better you will get.

2. Watching BJJ matches & instructional
YouTube offers a lot of free content from IBJJF to ADCC matches. You can even get a lot of free instructional on YouTube. If you are looking for a YouTube channel that has BJJ instructional, you can check out my link in the comment section below. Aside from free content, you can also check out paid content that offers specific instructional to improve your BJJ game such as BJJ Fanatic or Jiu-Jitsu X. Be sure to wait for their sales period to get a special discount on your preferred instructional.

3. Study Your Own Roll
Record your roll & watch it at the end of the day. Analyse what are the good things you did & what are mistakes you made. Sharpen the good stuff & avoid making the same mistakes again.

4. Use What You Learn In Class Often
Your instructor will always be opened to share with you their best moves during class. Learn & try to apply it during your rolling session.

5. Show Up Early
Try showing up 30 minutes early to warm your body up. Do some solo drills. It will definitely make a difference in your training.

6. Train Regularly
One of the things that I like about BJJ is that the time on the mats equals how good you will be. You can’t be better if you train once a week vs training 4-5 times a week. If you want to be better at BJJ, train as often as you can.

7. Cross Training
My instructor is a true believer in cross training. It is something he encourages us to do frequently so that we can have a different experience of rolling & training with a different team. Each instructor or gym has a different style. The more exposure we get, the better we will be.

8. BJJ Podcast
My usual habit is to listen to podcasts while driving or working out. Listening to BJJ podcasts not only helps you to understand a certain concept or technique better but also inspires you in your BJJ journey.

9. Be Open-Minded
Be open-minded to learn new moves & try to understand each concept behind the moves rather than rejecting it immediately. You can definitely learn something from it by keeping an open mind.

10. Flow Map
There are BJJ flow maps available online where you can purchase but if you want to build it on your own, take a piece of paper & start mapping. For example, you can start from mount & think of the next move such as armbar from mount & what’s next if you are unable to finish your opponent. Flow map will help you understand your techniques better & it helps to create a better understanding of your BJJ game.

11. Position Before Submission
When I was a white belt, my main focus was always on submission, not position. As my coach always said, position over submission. Submission will come later. As a white belt, focus on learning positions such as guard, side control, full mount & even guard pass.

12. Strength Training
There is a saying that goes, BJJ is self-defence for smaller guys against bigger opponents. But when you enter the mat as a competitor, your opponent will have an equal skill level as you & your strength will make a huge difference to have an edge over your opponent.

13. Stretch Often
It is something that is always overlooked by many. Stretching regularly not only improves your flexibility but also helps with your recovery. I have a nagging back injury that has been bugging me for years. After I have incorporated regular stretching before & after training, not only has my back gotten better, but my flexibility has also improved. You can also try out Yoga once or twice a week. It will make a huge difference.

14. Roll Regularly
Some white belt softens like to have a break or sit on the side to watch others roll. Rolling regularly helps you to have more mat experience. Don’t limit yourself by rolling only with white belts but also try rolling with other higher-ranking belts & learn from them.

15. Compete Regularly
It is optional but if you are looking to see how your BJJ has progressed, competition is often a proving ground to see how far you’ve grown as a grappler.

16. Ask Questions
Don’t be shy to ask any questions on & off the mats if you are seeking to improve. When your instructor demos a technique, always ask questions to have a better understanding of the technique. If you have any questions after the class, you can always ask your instructor or your teammates for a better understanding of the techniques.


When you are a white belt, it marks the beginning of a lifelong BJJ journey. Some people quit months or years later but most people stay. The most fascinating part of BJJ is that the journey never ends & you will always learn something out of it no matter how long you are in it. Good luck in your BJJ journey & never give up. You can do it.

We have reached the end of the video & if you find it to be useful, don’t forget to like & share this video. Please subscribe to my channel if you haven’t subscribed & I will see you in the next video. OSS!

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