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Free Home Workouts That You Can Do During Lockdown

Free Home Workouts That You Can Do During Lockdown

Each country has started their version of lockdown since March 2020 & many of us are taking initiatives to start our home workout. It can be from BJJ solo drills, Yoga to even Rock Climbing workout at home as to some of us, working out is part of our daily routine.

During this period, we can see the emergence of Zoom workouts and other forms of online trainings. We can also see some fitness coaches giving free workout sessions to all of us. Isn't it amazing to see some individuals who are willing to give back to the society during hard time like this? 

Based on the link below, I am compiling some of the workout programs that are free or free for a limited time that I found to be awesome : 

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu : 
Self Mastery Solo BJJ Drills by John Danaher 
Bruninho Barbosa BJJ

Judo : 
Judo @ Home Workouts by Travis Stevens

Rock Climbing :
Home Workout by Movement for Climbers
Training During Coronavirus 

Strength & Conditioning :
10 Top Dumbell Movements by Jason Khalipa

Yoga : 
Breathe and Flow 
Yoga for BJJ (Free 30 days)

Kickboxing : 
Bang Muay Thai

Keep On Training & Stay Safe

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